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Saint Timothy’s Ministries

Dear Members and Friends of Saint Timothy’s,

October is a really full month and it’s “full” in many ways. It’s full of nature’s beauty outside with the changing of the leaves. It’s full of some of our best weather, I think, of all the year. We will now have a really long stretch of cool nights and warm days that will go from September, all through October and even into the end of November. Long springs and long falls are two of the reasons persons from all over the country like to move to this great state and here we are able to take advantage of and enjoy one of those two seasons. October’s “fullness” is witnessed in the life of the parish as well. We are in the middle of our Every Member Canvass, we are enjoying rich Church services with Saint Michael and All Angels and Episcopal Schools Sunday, both of which we’re keeping on the same day. We are welcoming a few new visitors Sunday by Sunday and reaching out to them to see if Saint Timothy’s might be a permanent home parish for them and their families. We have a new Standing Stewardship Committee and a number of persons implementing the Invite, Welcome, Connect process here. These are two exciting developments and can potentially make significant differences in our parochial life and evangelical outreach. It is a great time to be at Saint Timothy’s. On top of all this activity, our Senior Warden, Cathy Elsea, is stirring up interest and recruiting individuals and families for our next Parish Weekend at the Trinity Center in March. It’s just a good time to be in and around Raleigh and Saint Timothy’s Church.

All of the month of October will be devoted to our Every Members Canvass. We launched the Every Member Canvass on September 25th with two special coffee hours. These coffee hours were planned around the Every Member Canvass theme of Saint Timothy’s: Past, Present and Future. This theme has forced me to think more about why our history at Saint Timothy’s is important and beyond that, why we even bother to study history. There is really one main reason why our history is important and it’s the same reason the history of any institution, family or individual is important and that is to help make good decisions about the present and the future. By looking at history we can be guided to give a good direction and have a good purpose for the future. This theme of Saint Timothy’s: Past, Present and Future will force us to be thankful for and examine where God has brought us over the many decades. It will help us look carefully and joyfully at all the ministries we carry on here as a parish family and it will give us a positive and exciting perspective on where God can take us. It is going to be a reflective and pleasant ride through our Every Member Canvass and I hope all the parishioners will take part and be really attentive to the events of the Every Member Canvass. Of course, the best way to take part is, after hearing and reading about all the special presentations, to complete a pledge card for 2017 and launch Saint Timothy’s into a bright future.

After considering our past, we are asked to consider where we are today as a parish. What is going on in and around Saint Timothy’s that makes this such a special place? In other words, what does our ministry look like? How are we serving the Church at Saint Timothy’s? It’s fun to consider what we’re doing and see if it’s helping move the Kingdom of God forward and to look at what else we could be doing that we’re not doing for the Kingdom of God. This ties in very well with our Every Member Canvass. There is a principle of “giving” called, “Money follows Ministry”. The Standing Stewardship Committee learned of this stewardship principle through a conference call the committee had about six weeks ago with a church consultant, Mr. Peter Saros. Mr. Saros, who is very knowledgeable and experienced in helping parishes with church growth, stewardship, capital campaigns and increasing attendance, said that if people know what the ministry of the parish is, and they are active in it, then they will support it and want to help increase and make all aspects of the Church better. If there’s a ministry, a work, of the parish that people need and want, then the giving will support it. Mr. Saros is right.

When we think about the ministry we have here and all that we’re doing for the Lord’s work, then we cannot help but support it and make it grow even more. We have a parish that lives and worships by a traditional Anglican liturgy. This is “who we are” at Saint Timothy’s. It is our highest and best ministry. The liturgy is supported by a choir that lifts us to a sense of holiness not found in many other churches. Our preaching is always based in the Gospel and puts forward the Scriptures in ways that help us grow in holiness. We have a parochial school that is vibrant, growing, and sends children from this place with an education that allows them to succeed in whatever high school or college they choose. Sunday by Sunday we have Church School classes for all ages that bring them to know and love of their Lord and Savior. Our parish reaches beyond its doors to help and aid in the community by volunteering and financially supporting North Raleigh Ministries. We are one of the founding churches of that ministry that helps those in and around North Raleigh who have a difficult time living pay check to pay check, or need to be guided to services in and around Raleigh that they would otherwise not be able to afford. We have “partnered” with Saint Timothee’s Church and School in Boucan-Carre, Haiti, to help them in their ministry to children who are trying to receive an education in a spiritual setting just like the children we serve here in North Raleigh. We are serving our young people with the ministry of our Church School, our Youth Group and having a good number of our high school and college students attend Saint Michael’s Conference for a week each year. Other outreach ministries and opportunities like the Men’s Fellowship volunteering with Warmth for Wake or the Youth Group working with the Angel Tree Project that will inspire persons to take part in the Every Member Canvass. Money does indeed “follow ministry” and we have many ways to see if that principle is in place here at Saint Timothy’s.

Please pray for our Every Member Canvass. Pray that everyone attending here and serving here will complete and offer a pledge card during this Every Member Canvass period. Pray that we will all support with our time, our talent and our treasure that ministry that we have here and that God will see fit to continue to bless all that we do in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Yours faithfully, in Christ,


The Reverend Jay C. James

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