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Every so often, God drops in our laps an opportunity to do something that we might not otherwise have thought to do.  In my case, that happened when, within a couple of days of each other, I received two reminders, one that it was time for me to write this article for our church’s newsletter, “Tidings,” and the other that it was also time for me to write my article for our school’s semi-annual publication, St. Timothy’s “Spirit” magazine.  What a fortuitous chance to write to both groups at the same time, I thought!

The truth is that our church and our school are both a part of the same parish:  St. Timothy’s. And the need for us to make every effort to work together and to know each other better is what motivates this article.  Our specific activities may generally be of different varieties, but our purpose is the common one of glorifying God in what we do: worship, education, and service.  

I thought of this commonality of purpose and work when the church’s Men’s Fellowship Group provided one of parishioner Mike Lewis’ famous barbeque meals to more than 600 school folks at the annual back-to-school picnic shortly after this school term began.  There we were: parishioners, Boy Scouts, students, parents, faculty, and staff, all together, serving and sharing a meal. Maybe more than anyone else, I see that connection more often and more clearly. The church building in which our students worship each week is the same building in which our parishioners worship:  school chapel on Mondays and Fridays, church services on Wednesdays and Sundays. And it is precisely in sharing the same space for our worship that the very basic bond of our commonality is found. The expressions of it will differ amongst us, but the worship of God will always unite us. At its heart, that was always the work of Jesus:  to bring us together, to make us one even as he and the Father are one.

And so all of us will soon, too, have an opportunity dropped by God in our laps.  October 7 is our annual celebration of Episcopal Schools Sunday, which we will observe in St. Timothy’s Church during the 10:30 service that morning.  Our headmaster, Mr. Tinnesz, will speak in place of a sermon; school children will assist as readers, acolytes, and ushers; and we will all celebrate together our common life and our common mission to know, love, worship, and serve God.  Your presence that morning will serve to remind us all of our unity, even as we celebrate our diversity.

As always, may God bless you all in your lives and in all the work you do.


Ever faithfully,


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