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Baptism and Confirmation

Greetings St. Timothy’s Church:


In the past, our Church has produced one issue of The Tidings to span the whole summer.  However, with so many news-worthy events over this past June, it’s hard to keep quiet about them all until September!


On June 1, we had the 8th grade graduation at St. Timothy’s School.  Then on June 9, there was the dedication of the house we partnered to build through Habitat for Humanity. Then on June 16, we welcomed 3 new members into God’s family through baptism as well as hearing 18 people in our congregation proclaim their commitment to Christ through Confirmation or Reception.  Lord, may every month be so action-packed!


I’ll let you read about each of these events in more detail in this month’s issue of The Tidings.  But you’ll notice something different about this issue straight away – the picture on the front is different.  It’s not because there was a problem with the old one (besides the length of my Grizzly Adams beard!) but rather because this one of me baptizing Khalila embodies who we are.


The font: the place where we all start our journey of faith.  The bishop: overseeing the work she grants us to share in through the authority given to her. But the best is the smile on Khalila’s face.  It represents the joy of being reborn, this time into a life lived for Christ.


I know the summer months are a time of rest (at least by comparison to the rest of the year).  So as you have time away from work, as you spend time with friends and family or travel away from the Triangle, dwell on these things.  Rest, but do so in order to be energized in your own life in Christ.  Is that not the life that will ultimately matter most?


Let these stories encourage your hearts that you might return from this [hot and humid] seasons of rest to once again be commissioned to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” and teaching them to obey all that Jesus has commanded us (Matthew 28:19).


Faithfully yours,


Fr. Allen



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