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Bishop Ann’s Visitation

On Trinity Sunday (June 16) we were blessed to welcome Bishop Ann to our church for her annual visitation.  Special as it is to simply have our Bishop with us for Sunday worship, what made this occasion particularly special was the great joy of baptizing 3 new members into the household of God.  To add blessing upon a blessing we were also delighted to confirm 15 of our young people and receive 3 new people into our Church.  What a momentous occasion!


As a church, we should rightly swell with pride at all this.  I know we all recognize that it is God who has done the work, so ultimately it is he who deserved the bulk of the credit.  Let’s admit it, we’re not the ones who guide and dwell in the hearts of men and women to help them respond to God in faith (1 Corinthians 3:16).  So let’s give credit where credit is due!


In his grace, God not only redeems us, but he also gives us a purpose: to be part of his body and be his metaphorical hands and feet that carry out his ministry.  That is what we do here at St. Timothy’s Church and this is why our Church exists in the first place.


Let’s thank God for doing the lion’s share of the work in the lives of the 21 people who were baptized, confirmed, or received.  However, commend yourselves a little too because the people of our Church also had an important role to play in reaping such a rich harvest.


Credit must go to parents for nurturing young people in the faith (not be mention bringing them to Church School, youth group and other special events!).  Credit also goes to those in our Church who teach the faith to others and those here who regularly and selflessly set an example of Christian service.  Credit to those who give generously of their finances in order to resource our Church with all it needs to do what it’s called to do.


The combination of all of these factors should lead us to feel proud as we watch those 21 people making their commitment to Christ.  Help us, Lord, to keep that commitment to them and those who will follow them for Jesus’ sake.  AMEN!


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