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2017 Paschal Candle Votive

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday please look for a Saint Timothy’s Church candle votive on the Narthex table.  Each candle has been crafted from the 2017 Paschal Candle and remnants of other candles used through out our yearly worship.

Only a limited number will be available so please be sure to find one for your family in the Narthex of the church on your way into or out of the 7 pm Holy Week services.

“The Paschal candle is a rich symbol of our faith. It reaches its pinnacle at Easter. Each year during the Easter Vigil service on Holy Saturday night, a fire is kindled in a metal bowl, called a brazier (bray’-zhur). From the brazier comes a “new” and blessed fire that lights the Paschal candle which is carried in procession into the dark church. The “new” fire serves as an image of the Resurrection. The candle, which represents Christ himself, is placed on a special Paschal candle stand near the altar. Five grains of incense are inserted into the candle to recall the aromatic spices that were used to prepare Christ’s body for the tomb, and the wounds in His hands, feet and side, which remained after His resurrection.

The precise use of the Paschal candle has varied over the centuries. Initially, it was broken up after the Easter Vigil and fragments were given to the faithful, but from the 10th century onward it was kept in a place of honor near the Gospel until the Feast of the Ascension, 40 days after Easter. By the 12th century, it was common to inscribe the candle with the current year. Over time the candle grew in size to merit the description of “pillar”. By the mid-16th century, some Paschal candles weighed as much as three hundred pounds, and after use were melted into tapers to use at funerals of the poor.” –  Zieglers.com