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Fill the Ark Lenten Discipline

The children of the church school have received an Ark Bank and a calendar that will provide quick daily inspiring messages concerning the Fill the Ark program benefiting Heifer International.  We have set a high, yet attainable goal of purchasing one cow for a family in need.  The cost of a cow is $500.00.  Together we can meet this goal and will help to support this worthy cause during Lent.

From Heifer International on ‘An Ark for Today’s World’

“One little raindrop doesn’t amount to much.  It can’t quench a thirst or relieve an afternoon’s heat.  But if you add them up, raindrops can make a flood.  Noah built the Ark because a flood caused by human sinfulness threatened all species.  Safe in the Ark, Noah, his family and the animals weathered the storm.  After the flood, a rainbow symbolized God’s promise to preserve the rhythm of planting and harvest that provides sustenance for humankind as long as the Earth endures.

Our wold situation is much like Noah’s.  The gap between rich and poor widens.  Hunger stalks the planet.  And by violating the environment, humankind has worsened the scenario.  Deforestation and poor crop management have eroded the soil and made many areas unfit for habitation.  It may look like it’s time for a second flood.  But there’s another option.

Heifer International is the ark for today’s world, taking aboard those who believe that through their own giving, people across the globe can build a better, more abundant life.  Heifer animals, including goats in Honduras, llamas in Ecuador and water buffalo in Nepal, offer ongoing sources of sustenance and support.

In partnership with thousands of congregations, Heifer’s Ark carries hope into thousands of communities, bringing hope and healing and the joy of Passing on the Gift® to families around the world.  Every family who receives livestock agrees to pass on one or more of its animals’ offspring to a neighbor in need.  The family also passes on new skills in growing crops and caring for the environment.

Your gift shines a rainbow of hope and healing across the entire world.  Take a lesson from the raindrop.  When many join together, they make a huge difference.  When you board Heifer’s Ark, you are creating a rainbow of hope for people in need.  By helping Fill an Ark, you’ll help people around the world build more productive lives… and a better Earth!”  – Heifer International