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Lenten Soup Suppers, The Screwtape Letters

Each Wednesday in Lent, beginning on Wednesday, February 17th we host a series of five Wednesday evening soup suppers. This gives us an opportunity to read something of a spiritual nature and learn more about the workings of our souls. These are both good practices in Lent when we should be focusing on our spiritual lives and the condition of our souls.  Some organizations in the parish will supply a simple and light supper of soup, bread and coffee or tea and then we will have five presentations. This year we will read through C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters. Father Carreker will lead us through this satirical series of letters from a chief devil as he instructs his student on the art of temptation. We will see how the Devil operates and cleverly, and still seriously, see how temptation is working in our own lives. Father Carreker describes the purpose and plot of The Screwtape Letters this way: In this highly entertaining work, Lewis writes a fictional account of the reality of spiritual warfare. On the level of the story, The Screwtape Letters is all about the correspondence between a particular devil, Wormwood, and his demon superior, Screwtape. They correspond about a young person whom Wormwood, with Screwtape’s advice, is trying to lure into habits of sin, and thereby secure him for a future in Hell. Once the subject of Wormwood’s allurement becomes a Christian, the attempt of Wormwood to secure the soul’s future in Hell is frustrated and finally fails, and Screwtape has no alternative but to consume his diabolical colleague, Wormwood. On the level of spiritual truth, The Screwtape Letters is about the reality of temptation, both diabolical and personal, as well as the work of the Holy Spirit and the meaning of conversion. And so, with subtle humor and biting sarcasm, Lewis delves into the essence of the spiritual life. It is a remarkable work that Lewis leaves us, and one immensely worthy of our study, especially in Lent.  

We will enjoy the fellowship and nourishment of the soups from 6:30 until 7:00 and then hear Father Carreker’s presentations from 7:00 to 7:45.

The schedule for the Soup Suppers is: February 17 hosted by The Vestry; February 24 hosted by The Daughters of the King; March 2 hosted by The Altar Guild; March 9 hosted by The Bible Study and March 16 hosted by The Men’s Fellowship. Some copies of The Screwtape Letters will be provided. Copies are readily available at your local bookstore, through Amazon.com or other online distributors.

Bring your children!  We have something for them as well!  Click here to learn more and to RSVP.