Use of on-campus space

If you have a regular group meeting or would like to host an event using some or all of our campus, we'd love to speak to you. Our building is a blessing we want to use to help groups like yours, as well as help generate financial provision for the ministry we undertake and support.

To secure a date and time, or if you have questions about the spaces mentioned below, please contact us.

The Sanctuary 

This is our main worship space on Sundays, which a maximum seating capacity of 250. It is equipped with bright LED lighting, sound and microphone equipment, Wi-Fi, and furnishings. 

The Chapel 

Though our church uses this as a smaller, secondary worship space, it can also double as multi-purpose room and can be set up in a variety of ways to cater to any group.  Chairs provided and a nearby kitchenette is great for storing refreshments.

The Parish Hall

The Parish Hall doubles as the dining hall for St. Timothy's School, thus it is equipped with tables and chairs that can be arranged to suit or removed entirely for a large, tasteful and enclosed group space.

The Parlor

The Parlor is a comfortable, living room styled space to hold meetings such as Bible studies or book groups, counselling sessions, or any other small gathering.