Process for arranging a wedding

Step 1

Register your interest

We ask all people, church members and guests alike, to email the Church Office to inquire about a wedding.

Step 2

Complete and return form

Upon making contact, our Parish Administrator will send you a form requesting information about you and any already-made arrangements for the wedding (if any have been made).

Step 3

Pay deposit and set date

Upon receiving a completed wedding form, we ask you pay a deposit to secure the date requested.

Step 4

Marriage preparation meetings

Before the wedding, the couple will meet 3 times with the Officiant of the ceremony (in-person or online) for marriage preparation.

Step 5 


At least a day before the ceremony, the couple and wedding party will rehearse the service in the location of the ceremony (whether in church or another venue).

Step 6

The Wedding Day

While individual ceremonies may differ, typically we ask the groom/groomsmen to arrive at least 1 hour before the ceremony to assist with any final arrangements.